Review of the Cirque Du Soleil Show – ‘O’

I attended the Cirque Du Soleil Show “O” at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. I had seats in the center section in the third row from the front. I paid $160 for the seat. While the show is good, if I could choose again, I wouldn’t pay $160 to watch it from the front. I’d sit towards the back and pay the the $100 to $120 I think it is worth.

My thoughts on the show …

I didn’t gain much from sitting at the front. Parts of the show take place in the middle of the theater and it was difficult to watch that from the front. Also, a lot of action occurs on the sides of the stage and it was difficult to keep everything in sight without moving my head around because I was so close to the front. I would recommend sitting towards the back of the front section to keep everything in view and also see the parts of the show that occur in the middle of the audience.

It seemed like some of the performers were new or out of practice. it could have been that they were just out of practice since this was the first show of the week. For example, during some of the water scenes the people on the outside seemed to be a half beat out of sync with the center. In another scene some of the performers weren’t keeping up or the coordination was lacking and one even dropped their scarf.

Be sure to bring your own water or get a drink before you go to the show. There are no water fountains, even at the restrooms in the theater lobby. The only water was the “$7 for a small bottle” water.

Pricing for souvenirs is similarly exorbitant. Before the show they had people going around taking photographs of attendees. At the end of the show these photographs were being sold at $40 for just two prints. Don’t bother with the gift shop – even the discount rack was expensive. You are better off purchasing souvenirs from Ebay.

The stage pool is marvel of engineering. The surface of the water is very smooth and despite the pool being filled to the surface, the audience was not unintentionally splashed. The pool has a floor that allows the depth to vary and it even comes up to create a solid floor.

The set itself is also interesting. Instead of the traditional rise or part, the curtain is pulled back and disappears into the background. At closing it is pulled back into place. Overhead there is a huge crane with a rotating section that operates very quietly. Look up during the ship scene to see it.

Here are several videos online that go behind the scenes and give a preview of the show.

Behind The Scenes

Official Trailer

Le Rêve

La Rêve is a similar show at The Wynn hotel. I imagine their pool and technology is similar to the one used by ‘O’.



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